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Robert & Rene Foundation
Robert & Rene Foundation

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Robert & Rene Foundation
Robert & Rene Foundation

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Robert & Rene Foundation
Robert & Rene Foundation

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Robert & Rene Foundation
Robert & Rene Foundation

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Robert & Rene Foundation is an independent legal entity established for the sole purpose of providing support to individuals and families affected by severe illnesses. This collaborative effort will be funded through charitable contributions.


Robert James Jefferson was born RJ Jefferson Jr. on November 07, 1942. Robert was one of the youngest of his siblings, which inspired a loving, nurturing, and compassionate trait throughout his life. In April 2003, Robert was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Robert began Chemotherapy treatments immediately, in addition to multiple surgeries, immediately after being diagnosed, to no avail. After fighting this terrible disease for months on end, Robert lost his battle to cancer on August 12, 2003.  


Dorothy Rene Jefferson was born, Dorothy Rene Torrance on September 20, 1947. Dorothy was the oldest of six kids. She took her role as the oldest profoundly serious. Dorthy provided protection, compassion, and unconditional love to her younger siblings, as she often served as a stand-in the absence of her mother. This experience led her to be an exceptional mother and grandmother, once she started a family of her own. After losing her husband (Robert James Jefferson) in late August of 2003, Dorothy would find herself in the same unfortunate situation, as she was diagnosed with breast cancer, in early 2018. Dorothy, who has always been a fighter, jumped right into action fighting this disease with all her might! She would go on to have surgery to remove the mass in her breast, which was a success. Her prognosis was great, and she was now cancer-free! The time eventually came that Dorothy would have to go in for her routine breast exam, this appointment was September 2019, and according to the scans, everything was great. However, just one month after her check-up, she began having a persistent and severe cough. In October 2019, after multiple X-rays, MRI’s and ultrasounds, the cancer was back. Unfortunately, this time the cancer was found on her lungs and spine. After many chemotherapy treatments and other evasive procedures, Dorothy learned that cancer had spread to her liver as well as covered one side of her body. After putting up the fight of her life, Dorothy lost her battle with this vicious disease, in September 2020.


Sow a seed to those affected by severe illness and bring about a blissfulness of joy.




Robert and Rene Foundation is a charitable giving organization for those affected by severe illness. Our work is fostering stronger bonds within the local community, individuals, and families dealing with a critical illness. We believe that helping the sick is an important leverage to put work into. Robert and Rene Foundation's mission is to cultivate a joyful heart by fostering the severely ill with contributions, resources, and services they need.


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The Robert and Rene Foundation provides Shawanna with the chance to contribute the same care, love, compassion that she displayed towards her parents to individuals impacted by a serve illness in the local company.  Robert and Rene were about displaying an unlimited amount of care, love, compassion, and lending a helping hand.  Through this foundation, Shawanna can continue the legacy of her parents through the same beliefs, values, and characteristics. 



Her years of experience give her a deep appreciation for how Robert and ReneFounder's objective is to sow a seed, service for the sick, and cultivate a joyful heart seeking to improve the quality of life for all.


Co- Founder

Her work ethic, passion, and commitment to excellence are evident as she was recognized as Orange County Public Schools 2019 Teacher of the Year.



The Robert and Rene Foundation allows Shundrica to give back tothose who are still fighting this disease, and others impacted by life-alteringillnesses. Shundrica serves as the Director of operations for the Robert and ReneFoundation and rightfully so, Shundrica brings an unlimited supply of skilled-knowledge, compassion, empathy and believes all humanity faced with anycritical illness should have support. Hence, the Robert and Rene Foundation wasborn embracing that same belief.

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