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Terms and Conditions


  • Complete each section of the application

  • Ensure ALL supporting documents are submitted along with the application

  • Ensure diagnosis falls under listed illness

  • Email completed application to

  • Review process may take up 2 - 3 business days, once completed, you will receive an "Notice of Action" email

  • Please read the application carefully. Answer each question completely with printed or typed answers. Attach another sheet if you need more space to answer questions. Failure to answer each question and provide required verifications may delay processing of your application or result in a denied application.

  • All required documentation should be submitted within 30 days from the date a completed application (completed, signed and dated) is received. Please note that applicants are only eligible to apply every 6 months.

  • In the course of delivering its services and programs, RRF collects personal information from its clients. Personal information means any information that could be used on its own, or with other information, to establish the identity of a client, the client’s service provider or the client’s substitute decision maker. Personal information also includes any other information about a client including information that is contained in a client record.

  • RRF collects, uses and shares client’s personal information for the following purposes:

    • Providing quality programs and services to clients

    • Providing information to other people or organizations with client consent (for example, making a referral for service)

    • Contacting clients, donors and members to evaluate RRF service and work

    • Conducting research to understand the kinds of issues our clients are facing

    • Contacting individuals about our fundraising and membership activities

    • Reviewing client files to ensure high quality of service and documentation

  • RRF may also collect, use and share personal information with consent or as permitted or required by law.

  • RRF is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients and ensuring that:

    • The personal information it receives from clients is kept safe, secure, confidential, accurate and up to date

    • Clients understand why their personal information is collected by RRF.

  • RRF obtains client consent before collecting, using, sharing or releasing client information, except as set out in this policy or permitted or required by law

    • Only the personal information necessary for the purposes listed above is collected from clients, unless otherwiseconsented to by the client or permitted or required by law

    • Access to client information is limited to the RRF employees/contractors, volunteers and students involved indelivering services to clients

    • Any external agents to whom RRF releases information have a need to know and only use and disclose clientinformation for the purposes for which it was originally provided

    • Clients are able to withdraw their consent at any time to the collection, use and disclosure of their personalinformation

    • Clients have access to their record, except where RRF is entitled to refuse an access request, and are able to copy or correct their record and ask questions about RRF privacy policies and procedures

    • Complaints about RRF privacy policies and procedures are handled efficiently and effectively

    • All legal and regulatory requirements regarding client information are met and maintained 

  • PENALTY FOR FALSE REPRESENTATION. Any person who knowingly and willfully makes any written or oral false statement of amaterial fact to the administrator for the purpose of causing himself or herself to be granted assistance will be ineligible for assistance. ELIGIBILITY CANNOT BE DETERMINED WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION.

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