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Meet the Team

Shawanna Jefferson


Shawanna Jefferson was born in Winter Garden, Florida.  Shawanna has always desired to assist individuals in obtaining their career goals and to better themselves in their future endeavors. Shawanna’s goal is to Aspire, Motivate, Empower and Nourish individuals in becoming productive citizens while building self-confidence in their life endeavors.  One of Shawanna’s core values simply states, “If you aspire to achieve goals, begin supporting others in achieving their goals.” Shawanna was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, not knowing how to manage this illness, she gained the knowledge, resources, and most importantly the support from family to deal with the disease. The Robert and Rene Foundation holds a close connection to Shawanna’s heart because Robert and Rene were Shawanna’s parents.  Shawanna observed firsthand what it is like to watch someone go through the journey of dealing with a severe illness, Shawanna learned to display more love and compassion through this process.  The Robert and Rene Foundation provides Shawanna with the chance to contribute the same care, love, and compassion that she was fortunate enough to provide to her parents. The Robert and Rene foundation is about displaying an unlimited amount of  love, and compassion, all while lending a helping hand to those in need.  Through this foundation, Shawanna can continue the legacy of her parents through the same beliefs, values, and characteristics. 

Tara Young


Tara Young has over fifteen years in education, with ten of those fifteen years being in educational leadership. She holds an M.S. in Educational Leadership (2015) and a B.S. in Business Administration (2003). Driven by being a servant leader, she takes pride in making a difference in the lives of staff, students, and their families by building and fostering positive relationships. Her work ethic, passion, and commitment to excellence are evident as she was recognized as Orange County Public Schools 2019 Teacher of the Year.

Sonya Worrell - Davis


Sonya Worrell - Davis provides administrative support to Robert and Rene Foundation. Sonya is a native Floridian and has worked in the OrangeCounty Public School system for 16 years. She received her BS in business Administration at Columbia College. Master’s in counseling psychology at Troy State University. Specialist in Educational Leadership at National Louis University. As the SAFE coordinator, she works to support ALL students’ social and emotional needs. When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. Her greatest passion is bringing relief to people who have been through loss and stressful experiences.Sonya knows firsthand about living with a severe illness, she herself was diagnosed with Lupus in 2020. Sonya knows the challenges of what it takes to maintain her healthiness daily, so this foundation is a perfect way to give back to the community. Her years of experience give her a deep appreciation for how Robert and ReneFounder's objective is to sow a seed, service for the sick, and cultivate a joyful heart seeking to improve the quality of life for all

Shundrica Torrance


Shundrica Torrance was born in November 1976. Shundrica is a native Floridian who has over 25 years in extraordinary customer care management. This has been pivotal in her career, as this experience has allowed her to engage and serve a diverse population and explore a wide range of great opportunities. As a Trainer, Shundrica is proficient and skilled in developing other staff into successful, high-performing employees. This was the springboard that led her to acquire her Pharmacy Technician License in 2009, via Walgreens Central Pharmacy Operations. Shundrica continued to be promoted based solely on her level of experience, drive, and tenacity. Shundrica went on to assist in workforce management, as well as insurance claims and adjudication. After servicing Walgreens for more than five years, looking through life’s lens, in an unfortunate turn of events, Shundrica was diagnosed with End-Stage kidney disease in December 2013. This diagnosis halted her professional career for over five years. Shundrica immediately started dialysis, with the hope that her kidneys would regain some level of function, to no avail. Shundrica continued dialysis until she was blessed with a Kidney Transplant in June 2017, it was a success! Shundrica knows first-hand the medical challenges associated with this disease and the financial hardships it imposes. Since her transplant, Shundrica has been adjusting to a plethora of medications that she is required to take daily for the rest of her life. Shundrica is gradually reentering the workforce and working hard to get back to where she left off. The Robert and Rene Foundation allows Shundrica to give back to those who are still fighting this disease, and others impacted by life-altering illnesses. Shundrica serves as the Director of Marketing, for the Robert and Renee Foundation and rightfully so, Shundrica brings an unlimited supply of skilled knowledge, compassion, empathy and believes all humanity faced with any critical illness, should have support. Hence, the Robert and Rene Foundation was born embracing that same belief.

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