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Shawanna Jefferson


Shawanna Jefferson was born in Winter Garden, Florida. She has always been passionate about helping individuals achieve their career goals and improve their future prospects. Shawanna's mission is to Aspire, Motivate, Empower, and Nourish individuals to become productive citizens while building self-confidence. One of her core values is, "If you aspire to achieve goals, begin supporting others in achieving theirs."

After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Shawanna gained the knowledge, resources, and support from her family to manage her illness. The Robert and Rene Foundation is deeply meaningful to her, as Robert and Rene were her parents. Witnessing their journey through severe illness firsthand, Shawanna learned to show even greater love and compassion.

The Robert and Rene Foundation allows Shawanna to extend the same care, love, and compassion she provided to her parents. The foundation is dedicated to offering unlimited love and support to those in need. Through this organization, Shawanna continues her parents' legacy, upholding their beliefs, values, and characteristics.

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