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Shundrica Torrance


Shundrica Torrance, born in November 1976, is a native Floridian with over 25 years of experience in exceptional customer care management. Her extensive background has enabled her to engage with a diverse population and seize numerous opportunities. As a proficient trainer, Shundrica has successfully developed staff into high-performing employees. This expertise led her to obtain her Pharmacy Technician License in 2009 through Walgreens Central Pharmacy Operations. Shundrica's dedication and drive saw her rise through the ranks, taking on roles in workforce management and insurance claims adjudication.

However, in December 2013, Shundrica's career was abruptly halted when she was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease. She began dialysis immediately, hoping for kidney function recovery, but to no avail. After more than five years of dialysis, Shundrica received a successful kidney transplant in June 2017. Having faced the medical challenges and financial hardships of this disease, Shundrica has been adjusting to the lifelong medication regimen required post-transplant.

Now gradually reentering the workforce, Shundrica is determined to regain her professional standing. As the Director of Marketing for the Robert and Rene Foundation, she brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and empathy. Shundrica's personal experience with critical illness fuels her commitment to supporting those still fighting similar battles. The Robert and Rene Foundation, founded on the belief that everyone facing a severe illness deserves support, benefits greatly from her dedication.

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